LaTeX 작성법

Latex text


LaTeX는 문서 작성 도구의 일종으로, 논문이나 출판물 등의 특수 형식 문서를 작성하는데 쓰인다.


레이텍 혹은 라텍이라고 읽는다. 이렇게 읽는 이유는 LaTeX의 모체인 TeXX가 라틴 문자 X(엑스)가 아닌 그리스 문자 X(키, 카이)를 뜻하기 때문이다.

따라서 조사를 붙일 때도 ‘LaTeX는’, ‘LaTeX를’이 아닌 ‘LaTeX은’, ‘LaTeX을’이라고 해야 맞다.

LaTeX는 직접 사용하기 어려운 TeX를 좀 더 쉽게 쓸 수 있도록 만들어진 매크로 집합이라고 볼 수 있다.

입출력 예시

아래는 LaTeX 입력의 예이다.

  \LaTeX{} is a document preparation system for the \TeX{}
  typesetting program. It offers programmable desktop publishing
  features and extensive facilities for automating most aspects of
  typesetting and desktop publishing, including numbering and
  cross-referencing, tables and figures, page layout, bibliographies,
  and much more. \LaTeX{} was originally written in 1984 by Leslie
  Lamport and has become the dominant method for using \TeX; few
  people write in plain \TeX{} anymore. The current version is

  % This is a comment; it will not be shown in the final output.
  % The following shows a little of the typesetting power of LaTeX:
    E &= mc^2                              \\
    m &= \frac{m_0}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v^2}{c^2}}}

이 입력은 다음과 같이 출력된다.

Latex output

특수문자 작성법


\dot{a}, \ddot{a}, \acute{a}, \grave{a}\(\dot{a}, \ddot{a}, \acute{a}, \grave{a}\)
\check{a}, \breve{a}, \tilde{a}, \bar{a}\(\check{a}, \breve{a}, \tilde{a}, \bar{a}\)
\hat{a}, \widehat{a}, \vec{a}\(\hat{a}\), \(\widehat{a}\), \(\vec{a}\)


\exp_a b = a^b, \exp b = e^b, 10^m\(\exp_a b = a^b, \exp b = e^b, 10^m\)
\ln c, \lg d = \log e, \log_{10} f\(\ln c, \lg d = \log e, \log_{10} f\)
\sin a, \cos b, \tan c, \cot d, \sec e, \csc f\(\sin a, \cos b, \tan c, \cot d, \sec e, \csc f\)
\arcsin h, \arccos i, \arctan j\(\arcsin h, \arccos i, \arctan j\)
\sinh k, \cosh l, \tanh m, \coth n\(\sinh k, \cosh l, \tanh m, \coth n\)
\operatorname{sh}\,k, \operatorname{ch}\,l, \operatorname{th}\,m, \operatorname{coth}\,n\(\operatorname{sh}\,k\), \(\operatorname{ch}\,l\), \(\operatorname{th}\,m\), \(\operatorname{coth}\,n\)
\operatorname{argsh}\,o, \operatorname{argch}\,p, \operatorname{argth}\,q\(\operatorname{argsh}\,o\), \(\operatorname{argch}\,p\), \(\operatorname{argth}\,q\)
\sgn r, \left\vert s \right\vert\(\sgn r\), \(\left\vert s \right\vert\)
\min(x,y), \max(x,y)\(\min(x,y), \max(x,y)\)

상한과 하한

\min x, \max y, \inf s, \sup t\(\min x, \max y, \inf s, \sup t\)
\lim u, \liminf v, \limsup w\(\lim u, \liminf v, \limsup w\)
\dim p, \deg q, \det m, \ker\phi\(\dim p, \deg q, \det m, \ker\phi\)


\Pr j, \hom l, \lVert z \rVert, \arg z\(\Pr j, \hom l, \lVert z \rVert, \arg z\)


dt, \operatorname{d}\!t, \partial t, \nabla\psi\(dt\), \(\operatorname{d}\!t\), \(\partial t\), \(\nabla\psi\)
dy/dx, \operatorname{d}\!y/\operatorname{d}\!x, {dy \over dx}, {\operatorname{d}\!y\over\operatorname{d}\!x}, {\partial^2\over\partial x_1\partial x_2}y\(dy/dx\), \(\operatorname{d}\!y/\operatorname{d}\!x\), \({dy \over dx}\), \({\operatorname{d}\!y\over\operatorname{d}\!x}\), \({\partial^2\over\partial x_1\partial x_2}y\)
\prime, \backprime, f^\prime, f', f'', f^{(3)}, \dot y, \ddot y\(\prime\), \(\backprime\), \(f^\prime\), \(f'\), \(f''\), \(f^{(3)}\), \(\dot y\), \(\ddot y\)

유사 문자 기호

\infty, \aleph, \complement, \backepsilon, \eth, \Finv, \hbar\(\infty, \aleph, \complement, \backepsilon, \eth, \Finv, \hbar\)
\Im, \imath, \jmath, \Bbbk, \ell, \mho, \wp, \Re, \circledS\(\Im, \imath, \jmath, \Bbbk, \ell, \mho, \wp, \Re, \circledS\)

모듈러 연산

s_k \equiv 0 \pmod{m}\(s_k \equiv 0 \pmod{m}\)
\gcd(m, n), \operatorname{lcm}(m, n)\(\gcd(m, n)\), \(\operatorname{lcm}(m, n)\)
\mid, \nmid, \shortmid, \nshortmid\(\mid, \nmid, \shortmid, \nshortmid\)


\surd, \sqrt{2}, \sqrt[n]{}, \sqrt[3]{x^3+y^3 \over 2}\(\surd, \sqrt{2}, \sqrt[n]{}, \sqrt[3]{x^3+y^3 \over 2}\)


{}_n\mathrm{P}_{k} , _{n}\mathrm{C}_{k} , _{n}\mathrm{\pi}_{k}, _{n}\mathrm{H}_{k}, P(n,k), S(n,k), \mathrm{P}_{k}^{n}\({}_n\mathrm{P}_{k} , _{n}\mathrm{C}_{k} , _{n}\mathrm{\pi}_{k}, _{n}\mathrm{H}_{k}, P(n,k), S(n,k), \mathrm{P}_{k}^{n}\)


+, -, \pm, \mp, \dotplus\(+, -, \pm, \mp, \dotplus\)
\times, \div, \divideontimes, /, \backslash\(\times, \div, \divideontimes, /, \backslash\)
\cdot, * \ast, \star, \circ, \bullet\(\cdot, * \ast, \star, \circ, \bullet\)
\boxplus, \boxminus, \boxtimes, \boxdot\(\boxplus, \boxminus, \boxtimes, \boxdot\)
\oplus, \ominus, \otimes, \oslash, \odot\(\oplus, \ominus, \otimes, \oslash, \odot\)
\circleddash, \circledcirc, \circledast\(\circleddash, \circledcirc, \circledast\)
\bigoplus, \bigotimes, \bigodot\(\bigoplus, \bigotimes, \bigodot\)


\{ \}, \O \empty \emptyset, \varnothing\(\{ \}\), \(\O\), \(\empty\), \(\emptyset\), \(\varnothing\)
\in, \notin \not\in, \ni, \not\ni\(\in\), \(\notin\), \(\not\in\), \(\ni\), \(\not\ni\)
\cap, \Cap, \sqcap, \bigcap\(\cap , \Cap, \sqcap, \bigcap\)
\cup, \Cup, \sqcup, \bigcup, \bigsqcup, \uplus, \biguplus\(\cup , \Cup, \sqcup, \bigcup, \bigsqcup, \uplus, \biguplus\)
\setminus, \smallsetminus, \times\(\setminus , \smallsetminus, \times\)
\subset, \not\subset, \Subset, \sqsubset\(\subset\), \(\not\subset\), \(\Subset\), \(\sqsubset\)
\supset, \not\supset, \Supset, \sqsupset\(\supset\), \(\not\supset\), \(\Supset\), \(\sqsupset\)
\subseteq, \nsubseteq, \subsetneq, \varsubsetneq, \sqsubseteq\(\subseteq , \nsubseteq, \subsetneq, \varsubsetneq, \sqsubseteq\)
\supseteq, \nsupseteq, \supsetneq, \varsupsetneq, \sqsupseteq\(\supseteq , \nsupseteq, \supsetneq, \varsupsetneq, \sqsupseteq\)
\subseteqq, \nsubseteqq, \subsetneqq, \varsubsetneqq\(\subseteqq , \nsubseteqq, \subsetneqq, \varsubsetneqq\)
\supseteqq, \nsupseteqq, \supsetneqq, \varsupsetneqq\(\supseteqq , \nsupseteqq, \supsetneqq, \varsupsetneqq\)


=, \ne, \neq, \equiv, \not\equiv\(=\), \(\ne\), \(\neq\), \(\equiv\), \(\not\equiv\)
\doteq, \doteqdot, \overset{\underset{\mathrm{def}}{}}{=}, :=\(\doteq\), \(\doteqdot\), \(\overset{\underset{\mathrm{def}}{}}{=}\), \(:=\)
\sim, \nsim, \backsim, \thicksim, \simeq, \backsimeq, \eqsim, \cong, \ncong\(\sim, \nsim, \backsim, \thicksim, \simeq, \backsimeq, \eqsim, \cong, \ncong\)
\approx, \thickapprox, \approxeq, \asymp, \propto, \varpropto\(\approx, \thickapprox, \approxeq, \asymp, \propto, \varpropto\)
<, \nless, \ll, \not\ll, \lll, \not\lll, \lessdot\(<\), \(\nless\), \(\ll\), \(\not\ll\), \(\lll\), \(\not\lll\), \(\lessdot\)
>, \ngtr, \gg, \not\gg, \ggg, \not\ggg, \gtrdot\(>\), \(\ngtr\), \(\gg\), \(\not\gg\), \(\ggg\), \(\not\ggg\), \(\gtrdot\)
\le, \leq, \lneq, \leqq, \nleq, \nleqq, \lneqq, \lvertneqq\(\le, \leq, \lneq, \leqq, \nleq, \nleqq, \lneqq, \lvertneqq\)
\ge, \geq, \gneq, \geqq, \ngeq, \ngeqq, \gneqq, \gvertneqq\(\ge, \geq, \gneq, \geqq, \ngeq, \ngeqq, \gneqq, \gvertneqq\)
\lessgtr, \lesseqgtr, \lesseqqgtr, \gtrless, \gtreqless, \gtreqqless\(\lessgtr, \lesseqgtr, \lesseqqgtr, \gtrless, \gtreqless, \gtreqqless\)
\leqslant, \nleqslant, \eqslantless\(\leqslant, \nleqslant, \eqslantless\)
\geqslant, \ngeqslant, \eqslantgtr\(\geqslant, \ngeqslant, \eqslantgtr\)
\lesssim, \lnsim, \lessapprox, \lnapprox\(\lesssim, \lnsim, \lessapprox, \lnapprox\)
\gtrsim, \gnsim, \gtrapprox, \gnapprox\(\gtrsim, \gnsim, \gtrapprox, \gnapprox\)
\prec, \nprec, \preceq, \npreceq, \precneqq\(\prec, \nprec, \preceq, \npreceq, \precneqq\)
\succ, \nsucc, \succeq, \nsucceq, \succneqq\(\succ, \nsucc, \succeq, \nsucceq, \succneqq\)
\preccurlyeq, \curlyeqprec\(\preccurlyeq, \curlyeqprec\)
\succcurlyeq, \curlyeqsucc\(\succcurlyeq, \curlyeqsucc\)
\precsim, \precnsim, \precapprox, \precnapprox\(\precsim, \precnsim, \precapprox, \precnapprox\)
\succsim, \succnsim, \succapprox, \succnapprox\(\succsim, \succnsim, \succapprox, \succnapprox\)


\parallel, \nparallel, \shortparallel, \nshortparallel\(\parallel, \nparallel, \shortparallel, \nshortparallel\)
\perp, \angle, \sphericalangle, \measuredangle, 45^\circ\(\perp, \angle, \sphericalangle, \measuredangle, 45^\circ\)
\Box, \blacksquare, \diamond, \Diamond \lozenge, \blacklozenge, \bigstar\(\Box, \blacksquare, \diamond, \Diamond \lozenge, \blacklozenge, \bigstar\)
\bigcirc, \triangle \bigtriangleup, \bigtriangledown\(\bigcirc, \triangle \bigtriangleup, \bigtriangledown\)
\vartriangle, \triangledown\(\vartriangle, \triangledown\)
\blacktriangle, \blacktriangledown, \blacktriangleleft, \blacktriangleright\(\blacktriangle, \blacktriangledown, \blacktriangleleft, \blacktriangleright\)
\bar{q}, \bar{abc}, \overline{q}, \overline{abc}, \stackrel\frown{AB}\(\bar{q}, \bar{abc}, \overline{q}, \overline{abc}, \stackrel\frown{AB}\)


\forall, \exists, \nexists\(\forall, \exists, \nexists\)
\therefore, \because, \And\(\therefore\), \(\because\), \(\And\)
\or \lor \vee, \curlyvee, \bigvee\(\or\), \(\lor\), \(\vee\), \(\curlyvee\), \(\bigvee\)
\and \land \wedge, \curlywedge, \bigwedge\(\and\), \(\land\), \(\wedge\), \(\curlywedge\), \(\bigwedge\)
\lnot \neg, \not\operatorname{R}, \bot, \top\(\lnot\), \(\neg\), \(\not\operatorname{R}\), \(\bot\), \(\top\)
\vdash \dashv, \vDash, \Vdash, \models\(\vdash \dashv, \vDash, \Vdash, \models\)
\Vvdash \nvdash \nVdash \nvDash \nVDash\(\Vvdash \nvdash \nVdash \nvDash \nVDash\)
\ulcorner \urcorner \llcorner \lrcorner\(\ulcorner \urcorner \llcorner \lrcorner\)


\Rrightarrow, \Lleftarrow\(\Rrightarrow, \Lleftarrow\)
\Rightarrow, \nRightarrow, \Longrightarrow \implies\(\Rightarrow\), \(\nRightarrow\), \(\Longrightarrow\) \(\implies\)
\Leftarrow, \nLeftarrow, \Longleftarrow\(\Leftarrow\), \(\nLeftarrow\), \(\Longleftarrow\)
\Leftrightarrow, \nLeftrightarrow, \Longleftrightarrow \iff\(\Leftrightarrow\), \(\nLeftrightarrow\), \(\Longleftrightarrow\)\iff$$
\Uparrow, \Downarrow, \Updownarrow\(\Uparrow, \Downarrow, \Updownarrow\)
\rightarrow \to, \nrightarrow, \longrightarrow\(\rightarrow \to, \nrightarrow, \longrightarrow\)
\leftarrow \gets, \nleftarrow, \longleftarrow\(\leftarrow \gets, \nleftarrow, \longleftarrow\)
\leftrightarrow, \nleftrightarrow, \longleftrightarrow\(\leftrightarrow, \nleftrightarrow, \longleftrightarrow\)
\uparrow, \downarrow, \updownarrow\(\uparrow, \downarrow, \updownarrow\)
\nearrow, \swarrow, \nwarrow, \searrow\(\nearrow, \swarrow, \nwarrow, \searrow\)
\mapsto, \longmapsto\(\mapsto, \longmapsto\)
\rightharpoonup \rightharpoondown \leftharpoonup \leftharpoondown \upharpoonleft \upharpoonright \downharpoonleft \downharpoonright \rightleftharpoons \leftrightharpoons\(\rightharpoonup \rightharpoondown \leftharpoonup \leftharpoondown \upharpoonleft \upharpoonright \downharpoonleft \downharpoonright \rightleftharpoons \leftrightharpoons\)
\curvearrowleft \circlearrowleft \Lsh \upuparrows \rightrightarrows \rightleftarrows \rightarrowtail \looparrowright\(\curvearrowleft \circlearrowleft \Lsh \upuparrows \rightrightarrows \rightleftarrows \rightarrowtail \looparrowright\)
\curvearrowright \circlearrowright \Rsh \downdownarrows \leftleftarrows \leftrightarrows \leftarrowtail \looparrowleft\(\curvearrowright \circlearrowright \Rsh \downdownarrows \leftleftarrows \leftrightarrows \leftarrowtail \looparrowleft\)
\hookrightarrow \hookleftarrow \multimap \leftrightsquigarrow \rightsquigarrow \twoheadrightarrow \twoheadleftarrow\(\hookrightarrow \hookleftarrow \multimap \leftrightsquigarrow \rightsquigarrow \twoheadrightarrow \twoheadleftarrow\)


\amalg \P \S \% \dagger \ddagger \ldots \cdots\(\amalg \P \S \%\), \(\dagger\), \(\ddagger\), \(\ldots\), \(\cdots\)
\smile \frown \wr \triangleleft \triangleright\(\smile \frown \wr \triangleleft \triangleright\)


\text{한 글 }\(\text{한 글 }\)

삭제 표시





\diagup \diagdown \centerdot \ltimes \rtimes \leftthreetimes \rightthreetimes\(\diagup \diagdown \centerdot \ltimes \rtimes \leftthreetimes \rightthreetimes\)
\eqcirc \circeq \triangleq \bumpeq \Bumpeq \doteqdot \risingdotseq \fallingdotseq\(\eqcirc \circeq \triangleq \bumpeq \Bumpeq \doteqdot \risingdotseq \fallingdotseq\)
\intercal \barwedge \veebar \doublebarwedge \between \pitchfork\(\intercal \barwedge \veebar \doublebarwedge \between \pitchfork\)
\vartriangleleft \ntriangleleft \vartriangleright \ntriangleright\(\vartriangleleft \ntriangleleft \vartriangleright \ntriangleright\)
\trianglelefteq \ntrianglelefteq \trianglerighteq \ntrianglerighteq\(\trianglelefteq \ntrianglelefteq \trianglerighteq \ntrianglerighteq\)

위, 아래, 전치, 후치 첨자

기능문법문서에서 보이는 식
위 첨자a^2\(a^2\)
아래 첨자y_m\(y_m\)
다문자 첨자a^{2+2}\(a^{2+2}\)
위 아래 첨자 동시에x_2^3\(x_2^3\)
위 가운데 첨자\overset{x}{P}\(\overset{x}{P}\)
전치 위, 아래 첨자 동시에{}_{b}^{a}X\({}_{b}^{a}X\)
전,후치,위,아래 첨자 동시에_{c}^{a}Z_{d}^{b}\(_{c}^{a}Z_{d}^{b}\)
전,후치,가운데,위,아래 첨자 동시에\underset{y}{\overset{x}{_{c}^{a}Z_{d}^{b}}}\(\underset{y}{\overset{x}{_{c}^{a}Z_{d}^{b}}}\)
미분 (옳음)x'\(x'\)
미분 (HTML의 경우 틀림)x^\prime\(x^\prime\)
미분 (PNG의 경우 틀림)x\prime\(x\prime\)
시그마\sum_{k=1}^N k^2\(\sum_{k=1}^N k^2\)
곱기호\prod_{i=1}^N x_i\(\prod_{i=1}^N x_i\)
극한\lim_{n \to \infty}x_n\(\lim_{n \to \infty}x_n\)
적분\int_{-N}^{N} e^x\, dx\(\int_{-N}^{N} e^x\, dx\)
선적분\oint_{C} x^3\, dx + 4y^2\, dy\(\oint_{C} x^3\, dx + 4y^2\, dy\)

분수, 행렬, 여러행

기능문법문서에서 보이는 식
분수\frac{2}{4} or {2 \over 4}\(\frac{2}{4} or {2 \over 4}\)
이항 계수{n \choose k}\({n \choose k}\)
행렬\begin{pmatrix} x & y \\ z & v \end{pmatrix}\(\begin{pmatrix} x & y \\ z & v \end{pmatrix}\)
 \begin{bmatrix}0 & \cdots & 0 \\\vdots & \ddots & \vdots \\0 & \cdots & 0\end{bmatrix}\(\begin{bmatrix}0 & \cdots & 0 \\\vdots & \ddots & \vdots \\0 & \cdots & 0\end{bmatrix}\)
 \begin{Bmatrix} x & y \\ z & v \end{Bmatrix}\(\begin{Bmatrix} x & y \\ z & v \end{Bmatrix}\)
 \begin{vmatrix} x & y \\ z & v \end{vmatrix}\(\begin{vmatrix} x & y \\ z & v \end{vmatrix}\)
 \begin{Vmatrix} x & y \\ z & v \end{Vmatrix}\(\begin{Vmatrix} x & y \\ z & v \end{Vmatrix}\)
 \begin{matrix} x & y \\ z & v \end{matrix}\(\begin{matrix} x & y \\ z & v \end{matrix}\)
경우 나누기f(n)=\begin{cases}n/2, & \mbox{if }n\mbox{ is even} \\3n+1, & \mbox{if }n\mbox{ is odd}\end{cases}\(f(n)=\begin{cases}n/2, & \mbox{if }n\mbox{ is even} \\3n+1, & \mbox{if }n\mbox{ is odd}\end{cases}\)
두 줄 이상의 방정식\begin{matrix}f(n+1) &=& (n+1)^2 \\&=& n^2 + 2n + 1\end{matrix}\(\begin{matrix}f(n+1) &=& (n+1)^2 \\&=& n^2 + 2n + 1\end{matrix}\)


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