Angular2에서 환경변수 설정하기



Angular2를 사용할 때 Eclipse IDE에서 환경변수가 잡히지 않는 경우가 간혹 있다.


~/.bash_profile이 Eclipse 터미널에서 열리지 않는 현상


Eclipse의 내부 터미널에 Augular2가 접근하지 못할때는 다음과 같이 해결한다.

Eclipse Preferences -> Terminal -> Local Terminal

Arguments 값에 --login 입력

위의 절차를 통해 ~/.bash_profile을 Eclipse의 터미널에서 실행할 수 있다.


For those of you looking for an answer years later (Neon, Oxygen):
Some of my node and angular/angular2 tooling in eclipse failed due to missing $PATH entries in the MacOS terminal. Your tooling propably utilizes the embedded eclipse terminal which does not start providing your login/user shell. So you need to set the eclipse terminal in your eclipse preferences to start as --login shell in order to comprise your users PATH settings:
Go to:
Preferences -> Terminal -> Local Terminal
and set
Arguments to: --login
open a new Terminal inside Eclipse and your user's $PATH should be used from now on. Also everything you have set up in ~/.bash_profile will run when opening a new Terminal in Eclipse.

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